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Practical Politics For Bold Women:

Proven Methods To Organize And Be Heard

Are you one of the growing number of women who feels betrayed by political parties and mainstream feminist organizations who can no longer define what a woman is, let alone represent women’s interests?

Practical Politics for Bold Women is for women’s rights campaigners who want to be heard, but may not be sure where to start.

If you’ve ever gotten anyone else to agree to work with you towards a common goal, this book lays out steps you can take to build towards political achievement and influence.

"I've been pondering the topic of female leadership now for the past three years and speaking with colleagues about my theories. What Ms. Chart has provided here is not only a practical guide that can help move women into the much-needed position of taking action, but she's combined clear explanations as to why it is so important to do just that. This book should help awaken more women to consider their place on the planet in a much larger manner and stop waiting for others to lead the way." - joey brite, Can I Get A Witness

A clear and concise guide to creating real-world change with radical feminist organizing.” - Madison Hatch

“This is a manual for radical sisters to use in the war against the genderists and the woke left.” - Lizzie Yeehaw

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